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Accutane Records Can't Be Shared With The Public

In a postscript to last week's blog about one man's fight to get to the truth about Accutane, a U.S. district judge in Tampa rejected a request from lawyers suing Hoffman-La Roche to lift confidentiality requirements on some 1 million documents the drugmaker has provided during the discovery phase of the trial.

Although lawyers argued the public has a right to know the dangers of Accutane and about internal research from the company, Judge James Moody believed the request sounded as if they were attempting to influence potential jurors. However, Moody would allow records to be disclosed if attorneys discovered a threat to public safety as they prepared their cases. One piece of good news: Moody warned Hoffman-La Roche not to alter any documents before giving them to attorneys.

Hoffman-La Roche attorneys fought the release of the documents mostly out of concern for protecting the formula for Accutane, contending federal officials already have internal documents relating to the drug's safety.

A federal panel has also ruled Moody will hear all cases regarding Accutane, including the three already filed in his court. That could total to as many as 300 court cases. However, Moody is expected to only keep those related to Florida residents for trial, with the rest heading back to local jurisdictions for separate hearings.

Although some of the more well publicized cases deal with the drug's more lethal psychological effects -- remember the 15-year-old boy who stole a Cessna and crashed it into the side of Tampa skyscraper three years ago -- most allege Accutane caused inflammatory bowel disease, sometimes serious enough that young adults had large portions of their intestines or colons removed.

Just one more reason to use a much safer and healthier solution to beat acne: Optimizing your insulin levels by eliminating grains and sugars from your daily diet.

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