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Better Investments Than Online Gambling

With the dynamic growth of broadband Internet access, faster-than-fast PCs and a growing fascination with poker, the online gambling business is expected to hit the jackpot: $10 billion annually, largely from American players. That's a 40 percent climb from last year, no mean feat. To see how far online gambling has come: Back in the good ol' days of 1996, 30 gambling Web sites collected $30 million.

More by the numbers:

  • Another expert says poker revenues are expected to double to more than $2 billion every month.
  • About 1 million people each month will gamble online.
  • Americans play on some 275 Web site, about five times the number from almost two years ago.

I shouldn't have been surprised to learn how rapidly online gambling is taking off, but I am. It seems the appeal is to get something for nothing. But stay awake out there, folks. Gambling is just another prescription for potential disaster.

Personally, I fail to find the appeal. It seems I wind up lecturing in Las Vegas several times a year now. I find the Vegas shows amazing and recently saw Ka which opened up earlier this year. That show has to be one of the most amazing shows on the planet. If you go there, you must absolutely see this show. It is amazing that someone could actually create this event. I also enjoy the amazing buffets in Vegas, but in my entire life I have never spent one nickel on gambling there.

If you aren't familiar with some of the problems with gambling please read an article I ran on gambling about six years ago. If you struggle with a gambling problem I would strongly suggest you consider investing in some EFT sessions with a quality practitioner.

Now, that would be one of the best bets you could ever make.

USA Today February 8, 2005

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