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FDA Bans One of Its Best Scientists From Congressional Testimony

You might now that one of the leading scientists at the FDA, Dr. David Graham, is one of my new heroes for the incredible courageous work he did in exposing the Vioxx scandal. His testimony before Congress made it very clear that the F.D.A. has abandoned its public responsibility to protect us from unsafe drugs and is standing by as drug companies market lethal drugs.

Well next week another congressional meeting is occurring to discuss whether Celebrex and Bextra, heavily selling arthritis pills from Pfizer, hurt the heart and are worth their potential risks. Friday it was revealed that But officials of the Food and Drug Administration have forbidden Dr. David Graham, a drug-safety officer at the agency, to discuss before the panel a large study that helps to answer that question. Apparently the study has significant new information that will alter the thinking about these drugs.

But as it stands right now, Dr. Graham will not be allowed to testify. Hopefully the public outcry will be loud enough to override the FDA decision.

New York Times February 12, 2005

USA Today February 12, 2005

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