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A Cool New Yahoo Tool For Firefox

In more evidence the movement from Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) to Mozilla's Firefox is growing by leaps and bounds, Yahoo released a beta version of its Web browser toolbar for Firefox users, offering bookmarks, newsfeeds and search and translation tools late last week.

The new Web browser toolbar also features the ability to search a site, Yahoo Mail notifications and alerts and buttons for access to the Internet company's games, finance, news and sports sites. And Yahoo also plans to add an anti-spyware tool to the Firefox toolbar very soon.

More than 23 million copies of Firefox have been downloaded since its November launch which has had an obvious impact on IE. Depending on which Web site you read, IE's share of the browser market has fallen anywhere from 88-90 percent of the current market. Firefox, clearly the smartest alternative available for safe Web browsing, sits at 5 percent and is growing. Using Firefox will greatly decrease your secruity risk as it is well known that the Microsoft browser is very vulnerable to hacking attacks.

For those of you who are already enjoying better Web browsing with Firefox, take a look at this new toolbar. (Currently, the Yahoo toolbar is only available for PCs running Windows, but a Macintosh version will be coming soon.) And, if you haven't jumped on the Firefox bandwagon yet, it's certainly not too late to do so.

PC World February 10, 2005

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