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Last-Minute Decisions Usually Lead to Fast Food

The results of a recent study on fast-food appeared to be obvious: Those who ate fast food at least twice a week gained 10 pounds more and were twice as likely to develop insulin resistance. New research explains how the truly destructive nature of fast-food conspires against your health, based on time management.

An online survey of some 53,000 Americans (most of whom prepare the majority of meals at home) found more than a third delay their dining arrangements and choices until the last minute. And, not surprisingly, more than half of them prefer food that requires little effort.

What people who make evening meals want:

  • A dinner that's easy to make.
  • A satisfying meal.
  • A dinner that requires little planning.
  • A meal that can be made with ingredients they already have.

However, only 6 percent of the respondents consider a food's nutritional value when making dinner selections. And, even worse, almost half of the people surveyed will camp out in front of a TV while eating that meal.

Unfortunately, such thinking is an indication of how our consumer-based culture makes it so easy for people to leave the responsibility for their health on the back burner, until the inevitable medical crisis makes these bad habits impossible to ignore.

One of the best things that you can do for your family and yourself is to carve out some time to prepare healthy food. If you want to get or stay healthy, someone is just simply going to have to spend some serious time in the kitchen. The time you save by eating at fast-food restaurants is not worth the future health complications it could cause. Besides, the price you pay for "convenience" could be higher than you thought: Your health or your life.

I strongly recommend reviewing one of the more popular articles I've written recently on time-saving tips to prepare healthier food for you and your family.

USA Today February 14, 2005

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