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Meditate Your High Blood Pressure Away

You may recall a recent study I posted that showed how practicing yoga or meditating regularly can do wonders for your heart health. A new report builds on that previous research by demonstrating how meditation can lower your blood pressure.

The study of 150 black men and women with high blood pressure compared the effects of meditating twice a day, muscle relaxation and heallth education classes. Meditation clearly topped topped the list and women who meditated showed the greatest benefit. In fact, one woman who participated in the study lowered her blood pressure from 190/110 to 120/60.

Women who meditated had a drop of about 7 points in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure while men who meditated had a .2 point increase in their systolic reading and a 4.7 point drop in their diastolic reading.

The meditation study is the latest in a number conducted by researchers affiliated with the Maharishi University of Management. Numerous studies of other meditation techniques by researchers at other schools have also found benefits for those suffering from conditions ranging from arthritis to cancer.

To heighten your meditation experience, I recommend the Insight CD. This is a brain wave entrainment tool that allows your brain to rapidly and easily synchronize to the delta waves commonly experienced in meditation. It does a phenomenal job of enhancing and expanding your emotional, mental and spiritual capabilities, and, ultimately, your health.

Further, the Insight CD is an exceptional tool to help you dramatically reduce the stress that is a prime contributor to all forms of disease while maximizing your awareness and potential for growth.

Yahoo News February 11, 2005

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