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Drugmaker Slapped Again For False RA Drug Claims

After two label changes late last year to Remicade, due to its toxic side effects, mega-drugmaker Johnson & Johnson has been slapped down again by the FDA.

Last week, the agency notified the drugmaker that an eight-page brochure given to physicians presents "unsupported claims about the drug's effectiveness and omits important information about risks." It's about time, considering I posted a warning about the dangers of Remicade more than four years ago, despite a glowing review that ignored the side effects.

Folks, please remember you don't need potentially deadly drugs to help fight rheumatoid arthritis (RA), or any disease for that matter. In fact, there are a number of safer and far less toxic methods I have used to treat thousands of patients with RA go into remission.

Since 1989, I've used an effective revision of Dr. Thomas Brown's antibiotic protocol to treat RA. Dr. Brown was a revolutionary pioneer who discovered mycoplasma caused rheumatoid arthritis more than a half-century ago. He used antibiotics as an alternative to the dangerous steroid drugs that were developed during his time. I first started using his program in 1989 and have helped more than 3,000 patients go into remission.

That first improvement over Dr. Brown's protocol involved the use of optimized nutrition. Initially, that involved the restriction of foods we know impair the immune system like sugar and trans fat. Later on, high levels of omega-3 fats like DHA and EPA from cod liver and fish oil were added. Eventually, our revised protocol was improved to include nutritional typing.

Another potent weapon you can use to reverse the ravages of this disease is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), the supremely effective energy psychology tool I use daily in my practice. It is very rare to find emotional wounding doesn't play an important part in serious autoimmine diseases like RA. Although you can learn how to use EFT by reviewing my free online manual, I believe it is clearly inappropriate for someone to use it to treat serious emotional wounds without the guidance of a trained professional to carefully resolve these problems.

Yahoo News February 14, 2005

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