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Super Size Me Earns Writers Guild Honors

The Writers Guild of America honored one of my all-time favorite movies, Super Size Me, as its first winner in a brand new category -- documentary screenwriting -- at a ceremony in Los Angeles last night.

The Guild honored writer and filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, who also starred in the film and became ill after a month-long experiment eating McDonald's fast food three times a day. When asked if the success of Super Size Me may have had anything to do with McDonald's eliminating its super-sized line of "happy" meals, Spurlock was honest and modest. "It's a testament to the power of filmmaking. Documentaries are more important now than ever."

This award could be a foreshadowing of even better things to come for Spurlock, considering Super Size Me is competing for an Academy Award as one of the country's five best documentaries of 2004.

Folks, this movie should be required viewing for everybody! (An edited version was released this week, specifically tailored to school-age children.)

Prior to his experiment, Morgan Spurlock was a highly fit and athletic, weighing 185 pounds. After going on a McDonald's "diet," Spurlock gained 25 pounds and looked absolutely terrible. In fact, he appeared to be suffering from many of the same health complaints I see in my patients: fatigue, headaches and indigestion. And, his cholesterol levels were high and he suffered from uric acid and mild chemical hepatitis.

It is truly amazing what massive amounts of trans fat and 31 pounds of sugar will do to you in only a month.

USA Today February 16, 2005

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