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Now You Can EASILY Send Photos By E-mail

Don't you just hate it when you take some great pictures with your hot new digital camera that can shoot anywhere from 3 to 8 meg pictures and then you can't send them to the ones you love?

I don't know about you but I never send pictures as I don't want to be bothered to downsize them to 50K files and then send them. You could upload your images to a site, but that can be a major pain. Well don't fret anymore as you can now do that, and here is the kicker, it is FREE. Yesterday at the Demo showcase Photoleap announced their software tool to allow you to easily send your digital photos. I am VERY excited about sending my pictures to family and friends now.

PhotoLeap lets you quickly send and receive hundreds of large digital photos in one message, without the constraints of regular e-mail. A basic version is free. A version that lets you send up to 250 pictures and 8 megapixels per photo in a single message costs $29 a year; sending up to 16 megapixels per photo commands $500 a year. I will likely upgrade to the plus version, but I am going to give their free basic version for awhile to see how it works. They have versions for the PC and the Mac. Tomorrow I head out to Florida for my lecture there and then on to a Caribbean cruise. I will take lots of pictures and send them back to the staff so they can display them on the site.

I have really become more interested in digital photography since I purchased the semi pro Nikon D70 last spring. However, in one week their $5,000 pro model Nikon D2X will be released. I am really tempted but will likely hold off till the prices drop. This is certainly a much better camera than the Canon EOS 20D but then again it costs three times as much. It is also $3000 less than the top end professional Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II

Just in case you missed it I recently wrote how you can use another neat free digital photography tool. Google has a new editing and categorizing software called Picassa 2 to make your life easier. Unless you already have good photo management software, seems little to no excuse to not use it. Believe me, it will make your life much easier. I now have over 5,000 digital photos. Would have had far more but I lost some due to a series of compounded hard disk crashes and failed backups. Now I have triple backups and that should never happen. So another warning, please use some type of external backup or you will regret it at some point. For most of us it is not if our computers will ever suffer some catastrophic failure but when. So plan for it and you will be one happy camper.


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