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Finally, Mercury Is Getting More Attention

With all the double-talk and nonsense spouted off by conventional medicine as fact in the defense of mercury, it's refreshing and encouraging to find the mainstream media may be finally starting to take notice of all the problems connected with this lethal liquid metal. That's why I strongly recommend you review this awesome Internet-exclusive piece I found today at Discovery magazine's Web site.

Discovery does a great job of making the threat of mercury a real and sobering one early on to connect the dots by the numbers, some of which you're probably already familiar if you read my blog regularly.

  • A nationwide survey by the Centers for Disease Control shows one in 12 women of childbearing age already have unsafe blood levels of mercury and that as many as 600,000 babies in the United States could be at risk.
  • When tested for mercury in parts per million, flesh from albacore tuna, which take five years to mature, was shown to contain about four times as much mercury as chunk light tuna, which is harvested from younger fish.
  • A broken thermometer can release enough mercury vapor to poison the air in a room -- one reason some cities and several states discourage the sale of mercury fever thermometers.
  • A diet consistently high in fish can create a blood-mercury level of about 25 micrograms per liter.

And, folks, that's just the first page...

If you want to safeguard your health and that of your family, I urge you to read this important article, then begin taking steps to eliminate its presence by reviewing my mercury detoxification protocol.

Discover Magazine March 2005

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