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TV Viewing Really Does Kill

One of the more popular articles I've posted on my Web site in recent months has been the development of the TV-B-Gone, a device about the size of remote car door opener that can turn off televisions from a distance. New research by a German scientist may explain why: A direct link between watching excessive amounts of television and death caused by obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and diabetes.

Based on studies of 15,000 children, kids focus so much of their free time on watching TV, they have little or no time for exercise or to play sports that has led to the worldwide obesity epidemic among adults and, earlier than usual deaths. Sound familiar?

Among the other horrible effects TV has on children, according to this scientist:

  • Narrows a child's horizons.
  • Reduces the plasticity of their brains so children don't develop properly.
  • Foods smell and taste differently because their senses are warped.
  • A greater propensity for attention deficit disorders, violence and depression.

TV is one of our society's most destructive influences, and I can't recommend stopping it more strongly. Not only does the "idiot box" decrease a child's activity level, as this German scientist pointed out, but it also exposes them to commercials promoting worthless foods. Folks, these food companies aren't fools. Their marketers create very effective ads that will unquestionably mold your child's desire to eat their junk food.

Your children may object to these restrictions now, but they'll thank you in the future when they are healthy and their friends are obese and chronically sick. February 19, 2005

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