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Another HRT Side Effect

I've posted several articles on my site about research springing from the landmark Women's Health Initiative study of some 27,000 females, ages 50-79. A new study featured in this week's Journal of the American Medical Association adds a new problem to a growing list hormones were believed to prevent, but instead worsens: Incontinence.

Regardless of the presence of progestin, taking estrogen increased a woman's risk of incontinence and made it worse for those who already had it. By the numbers:

  • Women who took estrogen for a year were 53 percent more prone to develop urinary incontinence than those taking a placebo.
  • Females who took both estrogen and progestin increased their risk of incontinence by 39 percent.
  • Taking estrogen more than doubled a woman's risk for developing stress incontinence, and a mix of estrogen and progestin was almost as risky.
  • Estrogen worsened an existing incontinence problem by nearly 60 percent. An estrogen-progestin mix yielded a 20 percent spike.

Just another reason why, after all the years of hype, it has become more clear to traditional medicine that the benefits of estrogen simply don't outweigh the risks. That is why it is no mystery to see that estrogen replacement therapy for women is loaded with dangerous side effects.

Synthetic progesterones progestins like Provera are responsible for nearly all the side effects and should rarely be used in post-menopausal hormone therapy. Additionally, the most popular estrogen used, Premarin, came from horses. One should not use animal estrogens for female human hormone replacement ever, especially since there are excellent human estrogen hormones available.

For most women, all they need is estradiol, which is bioidentical to the major human female hormone.

Journal of the American Medical Association Vol. 293 No. 8, February 23, 2005, 935-948 (free full text article)

Yahoo News February 23, 2005

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