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Nip Childhood Obesity Before It Starts

You may remember the results of a study I posted earlier this short month about blaming a child's genetic makeup to predict their probablity of obesity. A new study revealed another useless exercise for "curing" childhood obesity: A trip to the endocrinologist.

Researchers reviewed the records of some 600 obese kids who visited an endocrinologist, an expert who treats hormone problems. Of that group of kids, 80 percent of them became obese before age 6 and visited an endocrinologist about four years after gaining weight. More than half suffered from high cholesterol and insulin levels. Even more telling, 50 percent of the mothers and even more fathers were also obese.

Even though more than a third lost weight after a trip to the endocrinologist, only 5 kids lost enough weight that they no longer could be called obese. The lead researcher believes parents take their obese children to an endocrinologist, despite a "very small probability" there could be thyroid problems.

Blaming bad genes or wasting money on needless trips to medical specialists does very little to get to the real heart of the childhood obesity epidemic. Believe me, the younger you start your children down the right path to optimal health, the easier it will be for them in the long run. And, there's plenty you can do to prevent or curtail the epidemic of childhood obesity in your home right now:

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