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An Apple A Day Keeps Breast Cancer Away

You may recall recent studies I've posted that have demonstrated the amazing disease-fighting properties of apples. Specifically, apples have enough cancer-fighting nutrients to prevent colon cancer and even protect your brain cells from oxidative stress, a tissue-damaging process associated with Alzheimer's.

Cornell University scientists treated a group of rats with a known mammary carcinogen, then fed them either whole apple extracts or control extracts for 24 weeks. Afterward, researchers discovered the incidence of breast cancer fell sharply -- by 17, 39 and 44 percent -- in rats fed the human equivalent of one, three or six apples a day, respectively, over that time. Moreover, the number of tumors was reduced by as much as 61 percent in rats fed up to three or six apples a day.

Apples are chock full of antioxidants that work to prevent cancer by mopping up cell-damaging free radicals and inhibiting the production of reactive substances that could damage normal cells.

For the most part, Cornell researchers side with me in believing consumers can gain more significant health benefits by eating more whole fruits and vegetables than in consuming expensive dietary supplements, which do not contain the same array of balanced, complex components. Unfortunately, they do sanction whole grains, foods that don't work for most people because most have problems with insulin stabilization.

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