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Kellogg's Adds Fish Oil To Cereals

Last week, I posted an article about the unnecessary praise General Mills has received for adding fiber to its cereals, particularly when that extra content, in many cases, barely changed at all! Not to be outdone, Kellogg signed a long-term agreement this week with Maryland-based Martek Biosciences to provide omega-3 fatty acids for its cereals and cookie products, perhaps by next year.

The move widens Martek's existing reach in the food market, as its omega-3 products are currently used to "enrich" baby formula. Although Kellogg signed a 15-year agreement with Martek, the foodmaker made no guarantee they would revamp their product line to add omega-3s to their cereals.

Not surprising to me at all, considering this may be merely one more move by food manufacturers to take advantage of an FDA ruling last fall that allows them to market their use of omega-3 ingredients.

As I pointed out last week, adding a miniscule amount of omega-3s or whole grains to breakfast cereals doesn't make them any healthier for you than before. Fact is, more than 75 percent of Americans would benefit from severely limiting or eliminating all grains -- refined, whole, sprouted or otherwise -- from their diets.

Nearly everyone with high insulin levels -- those who are overweight or suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol -- benefits from avoiding grains, and even whole grains. And, at least a third of the remainder of people who have none of these problems still need to avoid grains anyway because such foods don't fit their body's unique nutritional type.

USA Today March 1, 2005

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