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New Crestor Risks Announced

Interesting how this newly heightened "sensitivity" regarding prescription drugs has pushed the FDA to start doing things more like they should've been for the longest time. Like, for example, issuing warnings about the largely toxic drugs they approve in a somewhat more timely fashion. That's what led me to this warning the FDA announced yesterday about Crestor, one of the more popular new drugs in the statin line. Seems Crestor may cause an increased risk of potentially life-threatening muscle damage, especially in people of Asian ancestry.

According to an advisory, this new risk found in Crestor is "relatively small." Nevertheless, it was identified and understood, oddly enough, when the FDA approved it two years ago! The advisory calls for patients to be started at 20 mg instead of 40 mg, the highest legal dosage approved.

The Public Citizen's Health Research Group (PCHRG), who petitioned the FDA to ban Crestor last fall -- due fatal cases of muscle damage known as rhabdomyolysis which can lead to kidney failure -- criticized the move as an example "of the agency's dangerous cowardice" in protecting Americans. More grist for the mill, considering the FDA slapped down AstraZeneca, the makers of Crestor, for false claims about their statin drug late last year.

Folks, there are a number of healthier, safer things you can do to normalize your cholesterol levels than taking a statin drug that could possibly do much more harm to you than anything good. Consider these simple guidelines:

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