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First Digital Camera That is Better Than Film

It's the beginning of the end now that Popular Photography has conceded that in tests Canon's new 16.7 megapixel EOS 1DS Mark II took better pictures than a regular SLR camera (Canon's EOS 3) shooting high quality ISO 100 film. They'd predicted a few years ago that digital cameras would have to get up to at least 24 or 30 megapixels before they'd start to rival film cameras in quality, but now they're saying that the better color and lower noise of the EOS 1Ds Mark II gives digital the edge.

I previously shared that over my winter vacation I made the decision to take up a new hobby: digital photography. I decided to upgrade my Nikon D70 to the top digital camera in the world, the Canon EOS 1DS Mark II in February. Unfortunately even though I have had my camera for two months I have not had any time to use it as I have so many projects on my plate. I just purchased the new Adobe Photoshop CS2 that even further enhances this camera as it has a new feature called Merge to High Dynamic Range that radically improves the dynamic range far beyond film capabilities. Normally film only has 5 to 7 stops of dynamic range, but with this feature and using multiple exposures, one can increase it to an unheard of 15 stops. Luminous Landscape has a great article on this.

Popular Photography April 2005

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