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How Oral Contraceptives Hurt Your Baby

You may recall a recent study I posted about the potentially dangerous effects of low-dose exposure to bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used to make hard, clear plastics such as those found in baby bottles and the lining of soft drink cans. When your body is exposed to BPA, it mimics the sex hormone estradiol which acts like an oral contraceptive. Because your body is exquisitely sensitive to sex hormones, it needs only tiny amounts to trigger major changes, and none of them good ones.

The same author also studied the effect oral contraceptives have on embryos, and the news is no better...

The synthetic hormones found in oral contraceptives were found to create deformities in the prostate glands of mice, which have been linked to prostate cancer and bladder disease later on. Why this finding is important for women who want to be mothers some day: As many as 3 percent of them become pregnant while taking a contraceptive.

Also, a woman taking oral contraceptives typically misses an average of three pills per month. With 60 million women taking oral contraceptives in Europe and America, as many as 2 million women could become pregnant accidentally and keep taking pills.

Just one more reason I urge women not to take oral contraceptives. The benefits simply do not outweigh the tremendous risks, and I can find no medical justification at all for taking them. Although a bit less convenient, barrier methods and natural family planning (NFP) provide much safer options than hormonal contraceptives. And, there are no side effects and no toxic substances to put in your body.

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