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Inexpensive Digital Prints

Many of you know, in addition to health and medicine, I also have a passion for technology. And, during my last winter vacation, I made the decision to take up a new hobby: Digital photography. In fact, I enjoyed my older Nikon D70 so much I decided to upgrade to the top digital camera in the world, the Canon EOS 1DS Mark II.

Knowing many of you who read my daily blog are tech-savvy, probably own digital cameras and remain on the lookout for bargains too, you may want to take a look at Snapfish, the world's third-leading online photofinisher, that was recently acquired by Hewlett Packard.

To make a big splash in the digital image market, grow their marketshare (current at 15 percent) and attract attention from bloggers like me, Snapfish dropped its already low 19 cent price for a 4X6 print -- Number 1 Kodak charges a quarter and Number 2 Shutterfly 29 cents -- to an astounding 12 cents.

The drop in digital printing isn't at all surprising, considering that same 4X6 print exceeded 50 cents on average three years ago. After if you're looking to have prints made of a lot of digitals sitting on your hard drive, Snapfish also offers a prepaid bulk plan ($99 for 1,000 prints, plus some $50 for postage) driving up the cost per print to a measly 15 cents.

If you're curious about Snapfish, it's certainly worth a try. The first 25 prints are free... and you certainly can't beat that price!

USA Today May 25, 2005

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