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Flu Vaccine News Heating Up

I told you about vaccine-maker Chiron's recent announcement it will produce fewer vaccines than it had planned, because more stringent work procedures had "strained" workers at its Liverpool, England, plant. Looks like the news just keeps getting worse for Chiron. Problems at another manufacturing facility in Marburg, Germany, will prevent Chiron from producing some flu vaccines for European markets too.

Reported surfaced late last week that quality tests had found sterility problems in the production of the Begrivac flu vaccine sold in the UK and Germany, forcing Chiron to cut manufacturing by some two-thirds to 4 million doses.

Although these problems have raised concerns that Chiron will be able to produce enough vaccines for the next flu season -- a good thing since vaccines do far more harm to your health than good -- we're not out of the woods by a long shot.

Yesterday, Sanofi Pasteur broke ground on a $150 million facility in Swiftwater, Pa., to manufacture flu vaccines in an effort to boost America's sagging supply and is expected to produce some 60 million for the upcoming flu season.

If you're concerned about exposing your family to poisonous mercury by taking needless vaccines, I strongly encourage you to do your homework by using the search feature on the right hand corner of any page of my Web site, or reviewing the information on my favorite vaccines links page.

One more thing: Although no more than 83 million Americans have ever received a flu vaccine shot in one year -- a mere 28 percent of this country's population -- we're still hearing about a shortage... How did health care and big business get so mixed up?

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