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Pesticides Increase a Farmer's Cancer Risks Too

You've probably noticed the encroachment of pesticides in our homes, water and food chain has been one of the more popular topics my Web site has followed in recent months.

No surprise, based on new findings from the government-sponsored Agricultural Health Study, day-to-day exposure to diazinon increased a farmer's risk of lung cancer, even when the results were adjusted for smoking.

Don't expect those numbers to improve anytime soon either, considering U.S. farmers treated their crops with 4 million pounds of diazinon last year.

So, if pesticides are hurting the people who grow the foods you buy in the grocery store, have you given any thought lately about what those harmful chemicals, as well as other toxins may be doing to your health?

Yahoo News November 29, 2005

American Journal of Epidemiology, Vol. 162, No. 11, December 2005: 1079-1079

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