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More Evidence of a Heart Disease/ED Link

Almost a year ago, I warned you about male erectile dysfunction (ED) problems being one of the earliest indicators of serious cardiovascular problems. Based on a new study of some 8,000 healthy men who had no pre-existing heart problems, researchers found ED to be about as good a warning sign for this condition as having a family history of the disease.

Eleven percent of the patients who had ED eventually experienced cardiovascular problems versus 6 percent with no sexual dysfunction issues. And ED patients were more prone to chest pain, a stroke or heart attack for up to seven years, according to the study.

Although having ED may not be a perfect indicator, it didn't stop one of the co-authors of the study from advising male patients who take harmful impotence drugs like Viagra to get screened heart disease too.

If you've been looking for safer ways to boost your virility without using a drug that could blind you or make you infertile, I urge you to review an awesome piece written by Dr. Douglas MacKay that exposes the true cause of ED.

Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 294, No. 23, December 21, 2005: 2996-3002

MSNBC December 20, 2005

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