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Splenda Taints More Processed Foods Than Ever

Just to keep you in the loop on the toxic reach of Splenda, a number of ''new and improved'' processed foods tainted by this anything but natural sweetener, have been or will be launched this month.

Splenda has finally invaded the processed yogurt market with industry kingpin Dannon adding the toxic product to its ''Light 'n Fit'' product line. To highlight the move, Dannon also unveiled the ''Light 'n Fit Right Fit Plan,'' a Splenda-powered weight-loss plan.

Even prune juice, already a high sugar product, is getting a Splenda makeover from Old Orchards Brands. Makes you wonder why manufacturers had to add any sugar -- man-made or otherwise -- at all.

Of course, nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to learning how most processed food products are formulated and manufactured. And, if you read my blog with any regularity, you shouldn't be shocked either...

As toxic products like Splenda encroach on the foods like these in your grocery store with greater frequency, I strongly urge you to read each food label carefully before you consider buying it.

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