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Never Pay A Cell Phone Termination Fee Ever Again

You've probably heard stories from angry friends who have tried to terminate their contracts with their cell phone providers to no avail. Even ignoring the bills will eventually bring collection agencies to your front door. What is the little known secret to getting out of your cell phone contract early without paying a termination fee? Make your carrier lose money by keeping you, according to this awesome article (free link below).

I won't spoil the fun here -- how to get a carrier to drop you -- but suffice to say, it will probably take at least three months and a little bit of effort on your part spending time on your mobile phone.

Just remember, long-term exposure to radiation generated by your cell is dangerous to your health, so you'll want to keep it away from your body. To that end, you may want to consider a headset featured in my Web store that virtually eliminates those risks.

Roaming Hack March 2, 2006

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