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Fighting Breast Cancer With Yoga

An interesting study demonstrates, once again, the benefits of yoga when it comes to fighting breast cancer, especially for baby-boomer women.

University of Texas researchers learned how twice-a-week yoga classes affected the health of 62 women (median age 52) undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer. Patients were randomly assigned either yoga classes or put on a waiting list to start one after their radiation therapy ended. Classes taught patients a series of poses emphasizing relaxation and breathing techniques aimed at promoting better flexibility, strength and mental health.

Although their bouts of anxiety and depression failed to lessen, patients who participated in yoga classes were more physically active, experience fewer problems sleeping, generally felt better about their health and had less fatigue, all wonderful signs of the mind-altering benefits of exercise.

Just a reminder, it"s important to treat exercise routines like yoga as drugs that must be carefully prescribed to achieve their maximum benefit as researchers discovered in this study.

Yahoo News June 4, 2006

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