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Evil Marketing Geniuses Develop Another Combo Cholesterol Drug

One of the "shell games" played so well by those evil marketing geniuses, better known as the mega-pharmaceutical industry: Introducing newer, more expensive drugs that are often no better than those they replaced.

No doubt, that has everything to do with today's announcement from Abbott Laboratories and AstraZeneca to jointly develop and sell another "new" cholesterol drug, this time combining Crestor with TriCor or ABT-335 (another Abbott drug in the later stages of clinical trials). The pact may be similar to one forged by Merck and Schering-Plough that eventually produced Vytorin.

The numbers certainly justify AstraZeneca and Abbott jumping aboard the gravy train: Combination drugs are the fastest growing segment of the $17 BILLION market for cholesterol drugs.

The question remains, do you really need a combo drug to control your cholesterol, especially when one of its components (Crestor) causes more side effects than any other statin drug available?

Fact is, you don't need a cholesterol drug at all if you restrict your intake of grains and sugars and start a daily cardiovascular exercise program.

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