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How to Organize Your Kitchen

If you're going to make the worthwhile investment to optimize your health by spending more time preparing your own meals from whole foods, and in line with your body's unique nutritional type, before you do it's smart to organize your kitchen first. And this interesting wikiHow page offers many suggestions for doing just that.

I was impressed by the pragmatic, common sense solutions that should make your transition to eating more wholesome foods -- and better health -- a safer, easier one. What follows are a few of the many pearls of wisdom (click the link below for the rest).

  • Reduce the number of objects you keep permanently on your kitchen countertops.
  • Replace appliances and kitchen tools that don't work.
  • Give any duplicated appliances to friends, family or your favorite charity.
  • Make to-do lists of kitchen supplies and side projects so you don't forget them.
  • Be wary of keeping spices near a hot stove, as they will become spoiled far more often.

wikiHow December 13, 2006