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Worst Case of Being Detained by Airport Security -- Guaranteed

I am in airports once a month and have the opportunity to encounter a few moronic TSA agents like the ones featured in this real life horror story.

They are so insecure that they feel the need to exert their "authority" over helpless passengers, including former Secret Service agents with their toddlers, like in this case.

Lesson here, folks, is ALWAYS recognize that TSA agents can get away with almost anything and justify it. My guess is they could even shoot and kill you and be absolved, all under the guise of "protecting national security." If you are an irascible type like me, this can get you into trouble.

So ALWAYS be nice to TSA agents. Do what they say, even if it doesn't make any sense, and the person who tells you to do it is the biggest imbecile in the world.

Just smile and grit your teeth. Avoid any tone or words that might irritate them in the least, as they can literally make your life a living hell, AND be able to get away with it.

Just realize that there is eventual justice, and they will get theirs someday for abusing their "authority."

NowPublic.com June 14, 2007

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