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Canada Virtually Eliminates Flu Deaths While U.S. Has Thousands

Over the last four years, Canada has had a grand total of sixteen "flu-associated" fatalities for their pediatric age category -- which includes everybody under the age of 18.  This included all H1N1 and seasonal cases.  Three-quarters of these deaths had severe and chronic underlying health conditions.

That’s sixteen total deaths among a pediatric population of 7.86 million, the majority of whom -- 60 percent or more -- remained unvaccinated.

By comparison, during the same four-year time span, the identical U.S. pediatric group had 553 flu-associated deaths.  Compared on a per capita basis, the U.S. exhibits a stunning 3.2 times death rate over Canada.

According to Age of Autism:

Canada's paediatric group averaging a single flu-associated death per year the last four years strongly questions the sanity of promoting a mercury-laden flu vaccine jab that also brings many other toxic ingredients such as aluminum-compound adjuvants and many other alien substances into cellular contact of fragile developing neurological systems, particularly infants and kids as young as six months.”

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