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Probiotics Can Soothe a Colicky Baby

About 20 percent of babies suffer from the inconsolable bouts of crying that characterize the condition known as colic.  However, no one really understands what makes a baby colicky.

Some scientists believe it may stem from gut inflammation, possibly as the result of too many harmful bacteria and not enough beneficial ones.  And indeed, higher levels of gut-friendly bacteria do seem to make a difference.

According to the New York Times:

“... [R]esearchers looked into this by examining 83 colicky babies who were breast-fed. Over 28 days, some of the infants were given simethicone, a medication that reduces gas; the others were given a supplement containing L. reuteri, one of the beneficial bacteria known as probiotics ... At the end of the study, the babies who received the probiotic cried an average of 51 minutes a day, compared with about two and a half hours in the other group.”

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