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Olympians Are Selling Sugar Water to Kids

Reported by Mother Jones, beverage giants are once again finding ways to use the Olympics to push sugar water such as Gatorade and Powerade onto children. According to the Beverage Marketing Corporation,  US carbonated soda consumption fell 1.5 percent in 2016. According to Mother Jones, "In short, people are turning away from sugary carbonated drinks because they know they're unhealthy—and turning to sports drinks, which are associated with lean, athletic bodies, but are also quite sugary."

A HEALTHIER CHOICE:  I believe the reason so many suffer with excess weight, insulin resistance, and associated metabolic health related problems is because most of the foods they buy are heavily processed. Added sugars, especially processed high fructose corn syrup, and toxic GMO herbicides like glyphosate, recognized as a probable carcinogen, are found in most processed foods. Eliminating sweet beverages and all processed foods are the two most powerful strategies you can implement to take control of your health.
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