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Deadly Air: Thousands Killed in Southern California Each Year by Pollution, Report Finds

A startling new report gives a grim diagnosis of the air quality in Southern California. According to The Orange County Register, "In the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Glendale area, about 1,341 people are estimated to die each year because of bad air. That makes the L.A. area’s air quality the deadliest in the nation." They go on to say, "The Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario metropolitan area was second-worst, with about 808 people estimated to die annually because of air pollution."

BREATHE EASY: A number of cities around the world have tackled environmental pollution head on, and the effects are readily observable. In one Brazilian city, improvements in waste recycling, public transport, and pedestrian walkways has led to lower air pollution, and life expectance is 2 years longer than the national average. That air pollution is a source of toxic exposure that can lead to ill health should come as no surprise. What may surprise you is just how great a toll it actually takes. Luckily there are some simple tips to help you avoid harmful air and improve the air you breathe.
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