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How Factory Farming Is Giving Rise to Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs

"In addition to causing immense animal suffering, factory farms are spawning dangerous superbugs that current antibiotics are powerless against," as reported by Alternet. Indeed, experts have issued increasingly stern warnings about rising antibiotic resistance for many years now, yet government authorities have been remarkably slow to act.

ANTIBIOTIC APOCALYPSE: According to the most thorough review of the drug resistance problem to date, drastic measures are needed, including improved sanitation and the elimination of unnecessary antibiotics in farming and human medicine. Mcr-1 is a gene mutation that makes bacteria resistant to our last resort class of antibiotics. The rate of transfer of resistance between bacteria is exceptionally high, making it a formidable threat to human health. Less than a year after the mcr-1 gene was discovered in pigs and people in China, it has now been identified in a pork sample and a patient being treated for E.coli in the U.S.
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