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Let Them Eat Bugs: US Startup Sees Future of Sustainable Food in Creepy Crawlies

An interesting new startup called Grubbly Farms is working on providing an alternative to fish for creating animal feed, and that alternative is black soldier flies. The Guardian reports that Grubbly farms is currently, "breeding and selling larvae as a more sustainable protein and fat source for chickens, pigs and farmed seafood." The eventual goal is to replace wild-caught fish, which is currently a key ingredient in animal feed.

EAT INSECTS, SAVE THE WORLD: Animals feed isn't the only place where insects can replace other food sources. The practice of eating insects, known as entomophagy, may sound extreme, but it’s actually quite common throughout the world – and has been that way for millennia. Feeding the world in the decades to come is going to depend on broadening our horizons not only of what we think of as food but also of what we accept as “farming.” Insects may very well play a role in this food future.
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