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A New Study Finds That Men Are Weaker Today Than They Were 30 Years Ago

A new study has found that men today are weaker than they were 30 years ago. The research, covered by Australian Men's Health, has shown that men aged 20-34 have lower grip and pinch strength than men of the same age did 30 years ago. In short, it seems the reductions in grip strength are largely due to the fact that people are less likely to work in manual labor now than they were 30 years ago.

GET A GRIP: In the past, research has shown that grip strength can help predict heart attack and stroke risk. Thankfully, there are a large number of exercises to improve your grip strength. The more you engage in strength training, the more you’ll be using and building your gripping muscles. In addition, a full-body strength-training program is essential to building other muscle groups as well. A strong grip strength tends to go hand-in-hand with muscle strength elsewhere in your body.
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