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A Space-Age Food Product Cultivated by the Incas

In a time before food processing, people were still able to make some foods that lasted for a long time without going bad. One such example is the Incan food chuño, which are basically freeze-dried potatoes. As The New York Times writes, "Villagers in the altiplano, the high tablelands of Bolivia and Peru, still make it the way the Incas did, using the warm days and frosty nights of June to repeatedly freeze and thaw the potatoes, and stomping them with their bare feet to remove the skins and liquids. Chuño can be stored and eaten for a decade after it has shrunken and dried."

FOOD THAT LASTS: Each year, American households throw away $640 worth of food apiece, typically because they buy too much or fail to eat the leftovers. Luckily though, you don't have to resort to making chuño to have natural foods that last. There are simple tips you can employ to make the food you already buy last longer. Proper storage of perishables, like produce, meat, and dairy, will help your food last longer so you waste less.
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