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This Is What Eating Sugar Does to Your Brain

Recent breakthroughs in neuroscience have the potential to improve our understanding of sugar addiction. It is now believed that the movement of sugar into the brain is not a passive process. The Independent examined the possibility of a "sugar switch" that could help the brain regulate sugar intake.

THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WITH DIABETES HAS QUADRUPLED IN THE LAST 35 YEARS. Readers of these pages will be familiar with leptin and insulin. These two hormones have a disproportionate impact on sugar related health challenges. Sugar is the health scourge of the 21st century and is devastating our society. High-sugar diets are undoubtedly the primary culprit in skyrocketing obesity and type 2 diabetes rates and other chronic health problems. Sugar wreaks biochemical havoc on the brain, by negatively affecting your leptin and insulin sensitivity, which results in metabolic syndrome.
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