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A Spoonful Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down

Obesity and diabetes are on the rise globally. Sugar laden beverages are in large part responsible. Governments are increasingly desperate to lower the related medical expenses. One controversial intervention is the imposition of "soda taxes". Plos ECR examined the efficacy of Sugar Sweetened Beverage Taxation (SSB) as a method of revenue generation and as a means of reducing the frequency of unhealthy dietary decisions.

The soda industry will not go down without a fight and imposing a tax on sugary beverages is easier said than done. The soda industry is well aware of the connection between soda consumption and obesity and obesity-related diseases. One of their most successful strategies has been to confuse the public with industry funded studies. When that fails they evoke the specter of an intrusive nanny state. The soda industry considers the right to market sugary poison as a viable beverage option to be inviolate.
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