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An Indiana City Is Poised To Become The Next Flint

Will East Chicago be the next Flint? The West Calumet housing project was built on the footprint of what had been a lead processing facility and the residents recently learned that the EPA had considered adding their neighborhood to the Superfund National Priorities list due to heavy metal contamination. Myriad health challenges faced by area children now seem less inexplicable after Think Progress blew the lid off of this brewing health catastrophe.

The situation in Indiana City is reminiscent of the Love Canal superfund disaster in the 1970s. The residents of this industrial town have been living atop a witch's brew of heavy metal toxins for decades and it is the local children who have borne the brunt of the damage. The EPA has recently put up signs informing children not to play in the dirt but this is too late for many. Lead may cause permanent damage to your brain and nervous system; children under 6 are most at risk for lead exposure.
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