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Even If You Exercise, Too Much Sitting Time Is Bad

New statements from the AHA say that there is growing evidence that on its own, exercise isn't enough to counter the unhealthy effects of too much sitting. According to CBS News, the average U.S. adult is sedentary for about six to eight hours a day. "Regardless of how much physical activity someone gets, prolonged sedentary time could negatively impact the health of your heart and blood vessels," Young who is the chair of the AHA panel explained.

STAND UP AND TAKE BACK YOUR HEALTH! Sitting for more than three hours a day causes 3.8 percent of all-cause deaths in the 54 countries surveyed. Cutting your sitting time to less than three hours a day could increase your life expectancy by 0.2 years. Discover the solution to better health by learning to sit less and move towards better health.
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