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Latinos Age More Slowly Than the Rest of Us, and the Finding Could Help Us All Live Longer

In the U.S., Latinos have been found to age more slowly at a biological level than any other ethnic group. The new study, reported on by Science Alert, used DNA samples to make their determinations, and their findings could someday help us better understand and slow down the aging process.

DON'T ACT YOUR AGE: Your risk of some health conditions may be based on your chronological age, but you can change your potential risk when you impact your biological age. You make choices each day affecting the length of your telomeres, a factor in biological aging. Although genetics play an important role in your overall health and biological age markers, so do the choices you make every day. Making the right lifestyle choices may increase your potential for a long and healthy life. Here are 8 ways to help you enjoy better health and a longer life.
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