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7 Best Foods for Rock Star Arms

When it comes to getting great arms, it doesn't just happen overnight. A combination of weight training and bursts of fat-blasting activity is the best way to get strong and toned arms. However, as Rodale Wellness reports, "when it comes to building muscles, a lot of the work actually happens outside of the gym starting with your sleep, stress levels, and diet."

YOUR WINNING COMBINATION FOR FIRM AND TONED ARMS! Working your arms means you'll need to make sure your shoulders are strong enough to support your activity. You can tone your shoulders right at home using a combination of bodyweight movements, dumbbells, and resistance bands. Be sure to check out the best exercises for strengthening your shoulders. Diet also plays an important role when it comes to toning your body. Processed foods contain loads of ingredients that promote metabolic dysfunction, insulin resistance, and obesity. The key to dropping pounds is to eat REAL food.
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