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Poor Pregnancy Diet Linked to ADHD

New research covered by Medical Daily found that, "mothers who had eaten high quantities of sugar, fat, and processed foods throughout their pregnancy were the most likely to give birth to children with conduct problems." The 'conduct problems' referred to here are one of the earliest signs of ADHD in children. Also it is important to note that as far as fats are concerned, nutrient-packed fats from healthy sources would not contribute to this problem.

EAT RIGHT FOR BABY: Proper nutrition is crucial at all stages of fetal development (and even before conception), and if mom doesn't eat right, her growing baby won't either. In general, you want to focus on minimizing how many processed foods you eat while increasing your intake of vegetables, healthy fats, and high-quality sources of protein, all of which are ideal for nurturing a growing fetus. For more specific tips, check out this list of the best foods to eat when you're pregnant.
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