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Children Should Have No More Than 6 Teaspoons of Sugar Per Day

A new report covered by Daily Mail says that children should be consuming no more than six teaspoons (25 grams) of sugar per day. Previous research has found that people who consumed 21 percent or more of their daily calories in the form of sugar were TWICE as likely to die from heart disease compared to those who got 7 percent or less or their daily calories from added sugar.

DON'T EAT SWEET: As sugar consumption has risen, obesity and diabetes rates have skyrocketed worldwide. The average American consumes around 20 teaspoons of added sugar a day. This is more than three times the recommended amount, and the evidence clearly indicates that this dietary trend goes hand in hand with our current epidemics of obesity and chronic disease. Believe it or not, cutting down your sugar consumption may be the best health insurance available.
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