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Berkeley's Soda Tax Appears To Cut Consumption Of Sugary Drinks

The soda tax works. The American Journal of Public Health shared this good news in a recent study on the effect of a tax on sugary drinks in Berkeley, California. Proposed taxes on unhealthy sugary drinks were voted on in both San Francisco and Berkeley. The tax increase passed in Berkeley but was shot down by San Francisco voters. Proponents of the tax rise argued that, "A 20 percent reduction in consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages would be enough to reduce rates of obesity and Type 2 diabetes in years to come."

Researchers have used these twin cases to compare how soda consumption patterns are impacted by government mandated price increases. What they found makes a case for a punitive taxation policy on unhealthy foods: soda consumption has dropped in Berkeley but increased in San Francisco. This is yet another blow against purveyors of junk food such as Coca Cola. Coke is a joke and they deal strictly in gallows humor. They have steamrolled the American public with slick marketing and well positioned lobbyists. In their wake they have left a trail of disease, broken bodies and death.
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