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More Evidence That Sitting Is Bad For Us -- And Exercise Alone Won't Save Us

An important new study just released by the American Heart Association urges people to sit less. According to Forbes, "A team at research institutions all over the country who published a review in the AHA journal Circulation, combed through research out there on sedentary time, exercise, risk of disease and mortality, and found that people have definitely gotten more sedentary over the years: One study they cite reported that the average time people in the U.S. spent sitting rose from 26 hours/week in 1965 to 38 hours/week in 2009."

TAKE A STAND AGAINST BAD HEALTH! Efforts to increase exercise are not the best way to tackle the “epidemic” of too much sitting. Discover the best strategies to decrease the ill effects of sitting and learn that the more you move, the better you'll start feeling.
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