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MPs Call for Ban on Plastic Microbeads

According to BBC News, the Environmental Audit Committee in the UK has called for, "A worldwide ban on plastic microbeads in cosmetics." The members of parliament are asking for the ban because the microbeads end up in the environment where they can cause a number of different problems that many people are not aware of.

AVOID MICROBEADS: This two minute video on microbeads could change how you bathe forever. In general, microbeads are tiny plastic pellets found in body washes, facial scrubs, toothpaste, and more. When the products that contain microbeads are used, the plastic pellets go down your drain, through the filters at most wastewater treatment plants and out into the environment. Plastic microbeads absorb toxins from the water and are eaten by a wide variety of marine life and, ultimately, by humans as well.
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