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Sugar Has A Stronger Effect On Our Brains Than We Even Realized

Our brains are actively drawing sugar from the blood stream and it is being absorbed in our glial cells according to a Science Alert analysis of a research study. These glial cells make up 90% of the brain and this discovery by German scientists undermines the long-standing belief that sugar was processed in a passive manner. "This represents a paradigm shift and could help explain why it has been so difficult to find sufficiently efficient and safe medicines for diabetes and obesity until now," according to study leader Mattias Tschöp from the Technical University of Munich.

Compelling research shows that your brain has great plasticity, which you control through your diet and lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, the American public has been grossly brainwashed by the sugar and processed food industries into believing that sugar is a perfectly reasonable "nutrient" that belongs in a healthy diet. It is likely that we have only scratched the surface and even more troubling studies about the dangers of sugar are on the horizon.
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