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How Sitting in Traffic Jams can Harm Your Health

Sitting in traffic could be harming your health. New research, covered by Medical News Today, reveals that "cars waiting in traffic jams or at red lights contain up to 40 percent more pollution than those that are moving." Thankfully some of this harm can be mitigated by recirculating the air in your car at intersections and in traffic so that you do not continue to draw in the more polluted air from outside.

BREATHE WITH CARE: That air pollution is a source of toxic exposure that can lead to ill health should come as no surprise. What may surprise you is just how great a toll it actually takes. Many studies have looked into the harmful effects of air pollution, but luckily you can limit your exposure to air pollution if you limit your outdoor exercise during peak commuting hours, avoid running or riding your bike along major highways, and inside make sure to use a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter on your furnace and/or air conditioning unit or just get a stand-alone unit.
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