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When It Comes To Losing Weight, Can You Outrun A Bad Diet?

Time and time again we've heard of people exercising for weight loss. But exercising alone is not the answer. As Dr. Aseem Malhotra, cardiologist adviser to the National Obesity Forum in the UK has pointed out -- via The Irish Times "that while exercising in the right way has many health benefits, weight loss is not one of them. To combat obesity, he says, public health messages need to focus squarely on unhealthy eating."

HOW TO MAKE YOUR BODY A FAT BURNING INFERNO: Even on a basic calorie level, the amount of calories you'll take in by eating a fast-food burger, fries, and soda is probably far more than you'll burn during even a high-intensity workout. Discover the 6 most valuable fitness foods to help you on your fitness journey.
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